Joel, Brooklyn, Summer 2019


By Gonzalo Orquín

© Gonzalo Orquín

Gonzalo Orquín studied fne arts at the University of Seville followed by a period of study at the Accademia Pietro Vanucci, Perugia, Italy. His work has been seen in group and solo exhibitions in Italy, Mexico and Spain and in publications including the Art Newspaper, Le Figarò and Repubblica. In 2019 he undertook a residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome.

The portrait is of Joel, whom the artist met while on a trip to New York. He made some sketches of the effects of the sun at twilight, with soft shadows cast from a table lamp, and took reference photographs while Joel held the pose. Orquín says: ‘When I returned to Rome, I immediately started working on the painting while I still held the memory of the evening.’