Aberdeen Art Gallery is an inclusive and accessible civic space in the heart of our city. We want everyone to feel welcome and there are a number of access provisions in place to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.
Access Guide
Read our Access Guide to find out about access provisions at the Art Gallery.
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Visual Guide
We have developed a Visual Guide to help you plan your visit to the Art Gallery.

Relaxed Mondays
We are offering a more relaxed visiting experience on Mondays for visitors who may prefer it. Relaxed Mondays are primarily for – but not limited to – families with neurodivergent children, neurodivergent young people and adults, adults living with dementia, adults and children with mental health problems, and any visitors with sensory needs, or who may prefer a more relaxed experience, along with their families, friends and carers.

The Art Gallery is open to all visitors on Mondays. We do not accept bookings for large group visits on that day in order to try to keep the environment as relaxed as possible. Friendly staff who have completed sensory first aid training will be on hand to give a warm welcome, answer any questions and help everyone to make the most of their visit. Some sensory backpacks are available to borrow to help enhance a visit – these include dark glasses, ear defenders and fidget toys. For visitors who may need it, there will be a sensory den set up in a quiet space in the Seminar Room on Level 2.

If you have any comments on any of the information provided here, or questions about access at Aberdeen Art Gallery, please speak to a member of staff during your visit or contact us using our online contact form and selecting 'general' from the drop-down menu.

Thanks to local charity We Too! for working with us to develop these resources.