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Explore portraiture, an artistic representation or likeness of a person which can take many forms including painting, sculpture, drawing, photograph or print.


Children in Art

Our collection contains artworks depicting childhood and the family unit in its many different forms. By recording the changing perception of childhood in society, artists open a window to the past while encouraging a discussion for the future.


Scottish Art

Preconceived ideas of Scottish Art can include lovely landscapes, tartan and stags. Scottish artists have been exhibiting on the international stage for centuries and our collection shows the breadth of their talent. As well as celebrating their creativity, our displays also demonstrate the impact Scottish artists have had on artistic styles and continue to have on contemporary visual art.



From the vast vistas in landscape painting to abstract art which captures the emotions of nature's elemental forces, our collection illustrates how different artists have responded to the same theme in a variety of media.



All art stems from a strong narrative. From the earliest drawings on cave walls to contemporary public art, the artist motivation is to share their stories and experiences. This language of art is shown throughout our collection in many ways, some are easy to interpret while others require further exploration.


Modern to Contemporary

Aberdeen Art Gallery actively collects modern and contemporary artworks which showcase the talent and diversity of each new generation of artists. Our galleries display a vibrant collection where learners can engage with modern and contemporary art in an entertaining and educational way.


Past Special Exhibitions

Explore past special exhibition learning resources for use at home and in the classroom.

Martin Parr - Think of Scotland


We have created a suite of short video resources with Martin Parr.
Click on the link below to hear Martin answering questions set by NEScol photography students.