Image Repro


We can help you find and use images of the objects and artworks from our collection.

Our most popular images can be found by searching these catalogues:



Most of our images can be used, subject to copyright clearance and reproduction charge.

We are working to photograph our collection but if you find something with no image available or a version that is too low resolution, we may need to arrange new photography, for which an additional fee may be charged.


Requesting and purchasing images

Images for personal use or private study

  • Please contact with as many details as possible. We'll then check that we can assist with your request.

Once we know we can help, you will need to complete and sign a Personal Use Agreement Form. Payment will then be charged (prices can be found on the form).


Images for reproduction use (printed or digital)

  • Please contact with the details of your request, including object/title, accession number (which can be found via any of the search tools), and details of your publication and/or use. Please also notify us if you are working towards a specific deadline. We will check that we can fulfil your request.

Once we know we can help, you will need to complete and send a signed Image Reproduction Agreement Form before we can process your request. Please use an Image Reproduction Agreement Continuation Sheet if you need more space. Once this has been checked, we will contact you about payment and delivery. Our reproduction rights fees are listed on the form.


Payment and delivery

We accept payment in cash, cheque or credit card over the telephone. VAT receipts can be provided.

We can send most digital copies by email or using '' (but are unable to send images using FTP transfer).

We must receive payment of your order and a signed reproduction agreement BEFORE we can release the image to you.