Forget Them Not


We will remember them

"Following the recent loss of a family member, I wanted a unique act of remembrance that would allow our loving memories of them to remain forever in our hearts. The forget-me-not installation in the Remembrance Hall is perfect for this, as on the anniversary of their passing it will provide a place for quiet and simple contemplation while providing peace, comfort and strength as we move through life without them."

The Remembrance Hall was opened by King George V and dedicated in 1925, to commemorate the lives lost during the Great War.




Gordon Burnett's commission 'Forget Them Not' for the Remembrance Hall is a quiet, non-denominational monument to all those who have died in conflicts, both past and present. The hard, cold surface of the granite and marble contrasts with the delicate beauty of the forget-me-not flowers.

Donate £25 or £100 and you can name a Forget-Me-Not, or a cluster of flowers, in memory of a loved one.


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