Handy hints and tips for making the most of the search options



Browse groups of objects that provide an instant insight into the variety of objects held in Aberdeen’s collections.  

Click 'View all Works' to reveal all objects published online, and then use the filters to discover something that interests you.  

Click on an object image to make it bigger, you might find an object with multiple images or even some audio, so make sure you explore everything! 

Do you have some idea of what you’re looking for? Use the search box or the options within 'Advanced Search' to quickly find your favourite object or artist. 

Click the 'Share' button to post your discoveries on your Social Media platform of choice! 


People & Institutions  

Focusing on the people, ships or organisations represented in the collection. 

Browse and refine your search by the type of record and artist gender (for example) or find everyone associated with a particular place. 

The results will display in alphabetical order, but you can reorder them by their date or by the place associated with them. 



Here you will find objects grouped as past, current, and virtual exhibitions. 

These include all the objects and exhibition text that you would find in the exhibition.  

Choose 'Explore Me' for exhibition information. 

Choose 'View Works' to discover more about the objects included in the exhibition. 



This search function is in development. 

Our first records focus on commemorative plaques in Aberdeen. Find out the location of each plaque, who they commemorate, and their achievements.  



Many of the objects in the collection have been given 'Keywords' that help us make connections that might otherwise not be made.  

For example, if we search for everything with the 'Animal' keyword, we will find a wide variety of objects, from oil paintings and sculptures to ceramics and textiles, all sharing some aspect of the animal theme.  

Make your own discoveries by clicking on the > arrow on the left-hand side of the Keywords page and begin exploring for yourself.  

Click on a word or find more specific terms by clicking additional > arrows.  

For example, the > arrow next to 'Animal' will let you search for your favourite type of creature.  

The results will display at the top of the page so you may have to scroll back up to see what you’ve found.