'I do, I undo, I redo' Nicola Hicks MBE


By Jamie Routley

© Jamie Routley

Jamie Routley gained a BA (Hons) degree in illustration from Swindon College followed by four years’ study at the Charles H. Cecil Studios, Florence. His work has been seen in the annual exhibitions of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, winning the De Lazlo Foundation Award in 2017, the Columbia Threadneedle Prize and the Ruth Borchard Self-portrait Prize (2019). He was previously included in the BP Portrait Award in 2012, winning the Young Artist Prize, and 2013.

The portrait is of the artist’s friend, the sculptor Nicola Hicks. The sitings took place in both Routley and Hicks’s studios with Hicks in her working clothes. The title is a reference to the work of the French sculptor, Louise Bourgeois, but is equally applicable to Hicks’s own practice.