By Clare Ceprynski Ciekawy

© Clare Ceprynski Ciekawy

Clare Ceprynski Ciekawy gained a BA (Hons) degree in history of art from University College, London before undertaking a BA (Hons) in fne art at Central Saint Martins College followed by an MA at Goldsmiths College. Her paintings and drawings have been in group exhibitions in London.

The portrait is of the artist’s partner, Bevis, and is the second fully realised portrait that she has made of him. Ceprynski Ciekawy was keen to learn more about working in oil paint and says: ‘It is beginning to hone in on elements that intrigue me about fgurative painting, particularly the use of shadows to develop a painting’s narrative. They are like the medium of paint itself, always moving, distorting, developing, creating space for thoughts.’