Gallery Late: Medieval Mayhem

medieval mayhem

There’s been a medieval murder! Or has there?

Take part in this thrilling murder mystery to search the Gallery and interrogate prime suspects.
Who can solve the mystery and claim the reward?

Join us for this special after-hours event inspired by our exhibitions Book of Deer and The Galloway Hoard: Viking-Age Treasure. As well as taking part in our murder mystery, delve deeper into the research of the Galloway Hoard with Dr Martin Goldberg of National Museums Scotland, adorn yourself with Viking body art, get crafty with our activities, revel in medieval music and enjoy food and drink from our café/bar.

We encourage you to come along in your medieval costume. There will be prizes for best dressed - let’s party like it’s 1399!

Medieval Murder Mystery is brought to you by Right Here Productions.


What's On:

Don your Viking armour or slip into your monk’s habit, and get ready for an evening of medieval-themed revels inspired by our special exhibitions The Galloway Hoard – Viking-age Treasure and the Book of Deer. Highlights include a gripping Viking Vengeance murder mystery event, creative activities, expert talks and tours and music, food and drink.



Viking Vengeance: Anarchy at the Art Gallery
It’s AD 900. A Viking chieftain has been brutally murdered. The six prime suspects have been summoned to Aberdeen Art Gallery to be interrogated. By you. Suspects, clues and evidence could be hiding anywhere in the building – can you figure out whodunnit? Brought to you by


7.20pm / 7.50pm (30 mins)
Meet the Curator: The Galloway Hoard: Viking Age Treasure with Dr Martin Goldberg, National Museums Scotland
The Galloway Hoard transports us back to a time of viking raids through a stunning variety of materials and treasures from Ireland, the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and as far away as Asia. Join Dr Martin Goldberg to find out more about the Galloway Hoard and what makes it truly unique.


7.30pm / 8.15pm / 9pm (tour lasts 20mins)
Tim's Town: Viking-Age Living
A tour for people who don’t like tours! Join expert Tim Carlisle to explore how Viking-age people lived and what they considered precious enough to keep buried – it will get you thinking (*best Gollum-style voice) “what’s my precious?”


7.45pm / 8.45pm (30mins)
Speed Sketch Challenge
Test your sketching skills in this fast-paced challenge (no experience necessary!) From detailing artefacts to reconstructing dig sites, archaeological illustration allows us to visualise fieldwork in meaningful ways. Can you document our archaeologists as they work to uncover amazing history live in the Art Gallery?!


Sound Track
Explore the galleries while enjoying unique sounds chosen by Thought Criminal and Ayeken. This special DJ set intersperses contemporary sounds with medieval music, featuring tunes inspired by the period performed on recorders by Ruaraidh Wishart.


Meet the Creators: Strange Sickness with Dr William Hepburn and Dr Jackson Armstrong
Scotland, 1498. A strange sickness threatens to bring turmoil and death to the land. In Aberdeen it falls to an aspiring scholar, Robert, to devise a strategy to protect the town. Strange Sickness is a micro-budget indie game, built by historians, for gamers and non-gamers young and old, for history buffs and the merely history curious. Be ready to have a go on the night!


7–10pm (last slot 9.45pm)
Face Painting by Ulianka
Adorn your face with stunning medieval motifs by award-winning body and face artist Ulianka. From striking Viking art to medieval sicknesses, the choice is yours! 


Hands on History
Get your hands on stunning replica objects of some of the precious Viking-age treasures found in the Galloway Hoard. Discover the stories these treasures reveal as we begin to unlock the secrets of this incredible discovery!


Medieval Mug Shots and Best Dressed Competition
Get gowned up in medieval garb and have your portrait taken. Images will be available via our Facebook event to download after the event. If you come in your own medieval outfit you’ll be entered into our Best Dressed Competition!


Make ‘n’ Take: Viking Bling
Get your craft on by creating your very own Viking-age body bling! From beaded Norse charms to faux metal armbands and brooches, turn simple household materials into striking adornments.


Enjoy after-hours access to our two special exhibitions.
The Galloway Hoard – Viking-Age Treasure exhibition brings together the richest collection of rare and unique Viking-age objects ever found in Britain or Ireland. Buried around AD 900, the Hoard is of international significance and is transforming our understanding of this period of Scottish history.

The 10th-century Book of Deer is one of Scotland’s greatest treasures. For the first time in  hundreds of years, this remarkable little illuminated manuscript has returned to the North-East of Scotland, where it is thought to have originated, on loan from Cambridge University Library. This is a rare opportunity to see what is widely regarded as being the earliest manuscript produced in Scotland.


Eat, drink and be merry!
Our licensed cafés will be open throughout the evening serving a menu with a medieval twist and a selection of soft and alcoholic drinks to quench the thirst of revellers.