Winter Trail


Use this trail to find 6 artworks inspired by winter.



Bright Eyes, Sir John Everett Millais

Gallery 1

The girl in this painting is wearing a festive red coat, called an Inverness cape. She is keeping her hands warm in the pockets.

Look at the timeline below the painting. Bright Eyes was donated to Aberdeen Art Gallery in 2001 – True or False?

As you explore the Art Gallery, note down any clothes on display that could keep you cosy in the winter months.





Snow Ball Ring, Nora Fok

Gallery 5

Is this a ring that is made to look like a snowball, or is it a ring that is fancy enough to wear at a formal Snow Ball? Or is it both?

Find the Ice Crackle Bowl by Sarah Jane Selwood. Inspired by the way ice looks, you would almost think that the bowl will be freezing to touch. When was this bowl made?





Chocolate Pot, Adam Graham

Gallery 6

On a cold day it’s great to warm up by having a mug of hot chocolate.

People have been enjoying this drink for many years and this fancy chocolate pot was made over 200 years ago.

How many cups can you find in this case?





Afterglow, Joseph Farquharson

Gallery 9

Look at the colours the artist has chosen for this painting. There is a pink glow in the evening sky and bluish shadows on the snow-covered woodland. What other colours are used to make this winter scene complete?

Look at the other Scottish landscape paintings in this room. Which is your favourite and why?




Mistletoe Bowl

Mistletoe Bowl, René Lalique

Gallery 12

Mistletoe is often used as a Christmas decoration and if two people meet under it, they might kiss! The white berries may look pretty, but they are poisonous for humans to eat.

How many berries can you see on this bowl?





High Tide, A Winter Afternoon, Joan Eardley

Gallery 16

There is much to see in this painting – the grey skies, the swirling sea and the bright blue boats on the shore. Imagine the noise of the sea as you watch the waves crash, making your hair and face wet from the salt spray. For another view of the same location look at the painting Winter Sea IV by the same artist.

There are many paintings in this room that might make you look forward to the warmer summer weather. How many can you find?


Are you feeling inspired? Why don’t you draw a winter scene.