Animal Trail


Let’s go on an art safari around the Gallery to find lots of creatures hiding in paintings, sculpture, jewellery and ceramics. While you explore, count how many other animals you can find and make a note of them.

The animal theme was inspired by Sandra, one of our Museum Support staff. When she’s not here at work she is often busy thinking up great activities (such as this trail) as Brown Owl for the 2nd Kingswells Brownies.


Gallery 1

Have a gander at To Pastures New by Sir James Guthrie Gallery 1.
Did you know a group of geese on land or in water is called a gaggle? This is because geese can become quite rowdy. Can you imagine the noise these geese might be making as they go?

Find the timeline under the painting and follow it to the end. Can you find the snake in Adam and Eve Tiara by Bouke de Vries?



To Pastures New (detail) by Sir James Guthrie


Gallery 5

Swoop over to Gallery 5 to find the Black Beaked Flying Bound Wire Bird by Thomas Hill.

This sculpture is made of metal wire. Look closely, can you see it move?

Glide around to find the Gold Owl Medallion by Malcolm Appleby. The owl on this medallion is quite small but did you know some owls have a wingspan of up to two metres? That’s longer than the length of a bathtub!



Gold Owl Medallion by Malcolm Appleby


Gallery 6

Toddle into Gallery 6 to the Celebrations display and find a well-known bear in a bowl – Paddington Bear Cereal Bowl by Coalport.

Paddington Bear keeps a marmalade sandwich under his hat in case of emergencies, but what do you think he keeps in his suitcase?

Turn around to find the Baby Plate with Transfer Print Design. How many animals can you see? What is the Mummy dog teaching her puppies?



Baby Plate with Transfer Print Design


Gallery 7

March on up to Gallery 7 and find A Scotch Fair by John Phillip.

In this busy scene, a Highlander is trying to sell cattle to a Lowlander. What other animals can you see?

Look to the right and find In the Gulf They Dream of Sea and Ice by Joyce Winifred Cairns. Can you spot the lobster in this painting? It’s very strange to us, but lobsters detect and taste food with their legs and chew with their stomachs!



A Scotch Fair (detail) by John Phillip

Gallery 8

Prowl into Gallery 8 to find the Leaping Cat Brooch by Abbott & Ellwood.

Cats can jump up to seven times their own height! Thankfully this colourful kitty doesn’t move.

Waddle on to find the Penguin Brooch associated with Frances Farquharson. Did you know penguins can live for up to 20 years? These penguins are much older and date from the 1960s.



Penguin Brooch associated with Frances Farquharson


Gallery 9

Hop into Gallery 9 and take a look at Afterglow by Joseph Farquharson.

This is a wintry scene, but the rabbits seem to like the evening sunshine. Does this painting make you feel warm or cold?

Look at Flood in the Highlands by Sir Edwin Landseer.

This painting has been described as a Highland version of Noah’s Ark. How many animals have the family managed to save?



Afterglow (detail) by Joseph Farquharson


Gallery 13

Stroll into Gallery 13 and find Strange Signals by James McBey.

James McBey tried to sketch while riding on the back of a moving camel. Do you think he found it difficult?

Find the desert animals with humps.



Strange Signals (detail) by James McBey


Great work!

You have completed the Art Gallery Animal trail and seen lots of different animals!

What was your favourite animal?