Your data: National Entitlement Card (NEC)

How we use your information

Aberdeen City Council uses the data you provide to administer your National Entitlement Card application. This is used to provide you with a National Entitlement Card to enable you to access various local and national services including library membership, free bus travel.

Your data will be stored on the National Entitlement Card system and by the National Entitlement Card Programme Office (NECPO).

For further information about the national scheme please visit their website and read the National Entitlement Card privacy policy.

Your personal data is contained in the initial application and in applications related to renewals, replacements, change of address, 60+ and under 22 free bus travel, and all disability related applications that provide free travel entitlement. North East Sensory Service provides the Council with a list of eligible users for renewal of free bus travel entitlement. You can apply using your My Account, through the online Get Your NEC process.

For further information about how Library Services manage your data please see the library membership privacy notice.

What else we use your data for

We have a duty to protect public funds we administer and may use information held about you for all lawful purposes, including the prevention and detection of fraud, and protecting public funds in investigating misuse of public money.

NECPO and Aberdeen City Council are also responsible for carrying out data matching exercises. Data matching involves comparing computer records held by one body against other computer records held by the same or another body to see how far they match. This is usually personal information.

Where a match is found it indicates that there may be an inconsistency that requires further investigation. No assumption can be made as to whether there is fraud, error or other explanation until an investigation is carried out. The exercise can also help bodies to ensure that their records are up to date

How long we keep your information for

We will keep your personal information for all purposes for as long as you wish to have a National Entitlement Card. 

Your rights

You have rights in relation to your data, including the right to ask for a copy of it. See more information about all of the rights you have and how they work in practise, as well as contact details for the Council's Data Protection Officer. You also have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you think we haven't handled your data properly.

Our legal basis

Aberdeen City Council is the Data Controller for this information. Wherever the Council processes personal data, we need to make sure we have a legal basis for doing so in data protection law.

What we do Why we do it Legal basis Where we get our legal basis from
Collection, use and sharing of personal data for National Entitlement Card administration (including verification of entitlement and identity, either face to face or using facial recognition if you choose to apply online Get Your NEC process). To process applications and to enable renewal, replacement, or change of address

Undertaking our tasks as a local authority.

Local Government in Scotland Act 2003, Section 20
Collection, use and sharing of special category personal data about health To assist disabled people on the grounds of their health, through their eligibility to concessionary travel

Undertaking a task to fulfil our obligation to act in the substantial public interest based on law


The National Bus Travel Concession Scheme for Older and Disabled Persons (Scotland) Order 2006,  The National Bus Travel Concession Scheme for Older and Disabled Persons (Eligible Persons and Eligible Services) (Scotland) Order 2006) and the
Young Persons’ (Under 22s) Free Bus Travel Scheme.
Sharing information from data matching exercises to support possible investigations To prevent and detect fraud, and to safeguard public funds Undertaking our tasks as a local Public Authority to secure best value Local Government in Scotland in Scotland Act 2003 Section 1
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