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If you are over 60 or have a disability, you could be eligible for free bus travel to get around your local area, and the rest of Scotland.

The free bus travel scheme is open to holders of a free national entitlement card. In Aberdeen City, this is the Accord Card.

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, appointments to validate Accord (National Entitlement Card) applications are only available in our Customer Service Centre. This is during reduced opening hours between 10:30am & 1pm, Monday to Friday. If you wish to make an appointment or need help with with your application, please phone 03000 200 292 (option 5 then option 5).

However, there is a temporary relaxation of the requirement to attend a Validation Point in person and applications for new, replacement and renewal cards are being processed online.

How to apply

You can apply for an Accord Card online. If you need help with your application, please phone 03000 200 292 (option 5 then option 5).

If you are applying for free bus travel because you are over 60, you can fill in your personal details and upload a photo online.


For a full list of the documents we can accept as proof or your name, address or eligibility, please download the document below:

You can upload evidence when applying online. 

We don’t offer a drop in service for bus pass applications or renewals.  You can book an appointment by calling 03000 200 292 (option 5 then option 5) for help applying or to hand in evidence.

You can email if you have any queries.

Companion concessions

You can apply for a companion concessionary card if your mobility means that you need to be accompanied when you travel. This card allows you and one companion to travel together free of charge on the same bus journey.

You will qualify for a Companion Concessionary Card if one of the statements below applies to you:

  • You receive the higher or middle rate of the care component of Disability Living Allowance
  • You receive the standard or enhanced rate of daily living component of Personal Independence Payment
  • You receive Attendance Allowance
  • You are registered as blind
  • You receive war pensions constant attendance allowance
  • You live in a care home, residential home or hospital and are eligible for the higher or middle rate of the care component of Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance

You don’t need to take the same companion with you every time, and you can still travel by yourself if you don’t want to take a companion.

Replacement cards

If your Accord Card gets lost, stolen or damaged, or if it stops working, you can request a replacement. See the Replace or renew your Accord Card page for more information on how to do this. 

If you have lost your card, please check first with these organisations to see if it has been handed in:

  • First Aberdeen
    47 Union Street Aberdeen
    01224 650074/ 650065
  • Police Scotland Lost Property Department
    Queen Street
    0845 6005700

If you try to use the card on the bus and it is faulty, the bus driver will ask to take the card from you, and give you a 7 day ticket which you can use instead until you get a replacement card. If you don’t want to hand over your card, the driver may ask you to pay your fare.

What to do if your circumstances change

Please let us know as soon as possible if:

  • You change your name or address.
  • Your entitlement to concessionary travel has changed.

We will need to verify the change and may need to see documents which prove it.

If your name has changed, we will need proof of this such as a marriage certificate or confirmation of the change by deed poll.

We can verify a change of address over the phone if you are liable for Council Tax at your new address.

If not, then you will need to book an appointment to come into the Customer Service Centre or one of the Customer Access Points with documents which show your new address, such as a utility bill, bank statement, or an award letter from the Benefits Agency.

If your entitlement has changed, we need to see evidence of this, for example an award letter from the Benefits Agency which confirms your new entitlement to Disability Living Allowance.

Details of the policy and legislation governing the scheme and information on how bus operators are reimbursed can be found here in the related links section.

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