Advice on private renting

For free, confidential and personalised housing advice or to get help if you are about to become homeless you must complete a self assessment with the Housing Advice service.

Apply online

Apply online by registering and completing the options checker.

Apply over the phone

For help completing a housing advice self assessment contact the Housing Advice service on Tel: 03000 200 292

Housing Associations

Housing associations and housing co-operatives are registered with the Scottish Government and provide properties at an affordable rent (also known as social rent).

Mid market rent

Sometimes known as Intermediate Rent, this is rented accommodation leased at a discounted level below the Local Housing Allowance rate which is set by the Government. The rent level will normally be higher than social rent but significantly lower than private rents in the area.

Private sector rental

Privately rented accommodation comes in different types and sizes from bedsits, to shared flats to individual houses – furnished and unfurnished. Rents across Aberdeen vary accordingly with most landlords requiring a deposit for the property and some rent payment in advance.

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