Housing associations

Housing associations and housing co-operatives are registered with the Scottish Government and provide properties at an affordable rent. To access this type of property you must register on a waiting list. Your application will be assessed according to your current circumstances and you will be awarded points or prioritised accordingly. Demand for this type of property is extremely high and waiting times can be very long.

Apply for housing

Apply online through HomeHunt or contact the housing association for more details on how to apply.


Generally, the association is responsible for keeping the structure and permanent fittings of the building in good condition and you are responsible for:

  • decoration
  • furnishings
  • appliances
  • light bulbs


Aberdeen City Council offer support to help elderly or people with disabilities to continue living comfortably and independently in their own homes. You should write to the housing association with your request. An Occupational Therapist will usually visit you to decide what help you need. The Council may be able to offer you funding to suit your needs.

Changes you might need include:

  • showers
  • extra heating
  • handrails
  • ramps

Transfers and mutual exchanges

You can apply to transfer to a different home owned by the housing association, or to join a mutual exchange scheme, which is where you swap homes with another household. If you apply for a transfer, the housing association will handle the request under the terms of their own policy for offering people houses.

Housing Associations

If you are interested in housing in Aberdeenshire you can apply to various organisations through the website Apply4homes.

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