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Aberdeen City Council operates a range of services for people with housing related issues. Use our options checker to access advice tailored to your situation and apply for council housing.

To complete the Options Checker you must first register for a Housing Online account using a valid email address that you can access. Once you have created an account, complete our Options Checker using your household details, basic financial situation, and some information about your housing situation. You will then be provided with a list of options suitable to your situation. You will also be asked whether you wish to discuss your situation with one of our Housing Options advisers.

Find out how to register for Housing Online. 

Please note that every customer completing the Options Checker will be provided with the option to complete an application for council housing. The council allocates properties using a points based system to ensure that those most in need are prioritised on our waiting lists.

Depending on the area of the city you wish to be rehoused in and the size and type of property you would like, you may have a considerable wait for an offer. Many people on our lists will not be offered housing at all. Our Housing Options advisers will be able to provide you with details about your application and realistic prospects of an offer of housing should you wish.

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