About your rent

Aberdeen City Council offers a wide range of rent payment services in addition to the traditional cash and cheque payments:

  • Aberdeen City Council website – pay securely using the Online Payment Facility. Payment can be made by either debit card or credit card.
  • Direct Debit - You choose the most suitable date for the Direct Debit to come off your account. Any dates from 1st to 28th for monthly payments and any working day for weekly payments. You can also choose to make fortnightly or 4-weekly payments.
  • Automated Telephone Payment – telephone 03000 200 292 and follow the step by step instructions. You will need a copy of your payment reference number and any credit/debit card details. Follow the instructions and press option 2 for House Rent. Please note - a touch tone telephone is required to use this service
  • In person at Woodside Access Point or Mastrick Access Point.
  • Post Office Payment Card – payment can be made by using the bar code on your rent card at any Post Office or outlet displaying the Paypoint logo. There are over 100 locations in Aberdeen.

Your tenancy agreement tells you the exact amount of rent and any other charges that you should pay.

Rents are increased each year in line with inflation. The annual inflation increase for 2019/20 is 4.3%. We will write to you to let you know about any increase in your  rent. We send out rent increase letters each March. Rent increases will be capped at £3 per year excluding the annual inflation increase. Phasing will continue until all tenants reach the model rent.

Model Council house rent

For 2019-20, the model base rent per week is £50.63, plus: 

  • An additional rent charged based on type of property:
    £12.05 for a multi, flat or maisonette
    £18.08 for a four in block
    £24.12 for a cottage or house
  • An additional rent charge based on number of bedrooms: 
    £0 for a bedsit
    £12.05 for 1 bedroom
    £18.08 for 2 bedrooms
    £24.12 for 3 bedrooms
    £30.13 for 4 bedrooms
  • An additional rent charge of £11.80 for garages which are within the boundary of the property. 

The table below shows the total model rent per week for each property type and number of bedrooms:

Property group
0 bedrooms
1 bedroom
2 bedrooms
3 bedrooms
4 bedrooms
Four in a block
£98.87 £104.88

If you are experiencing financial problems you should contact your local area housing office immediately. You will be dealt with in the strictest confidence, by our friendly and helpful staff.

Where possible a mutually acceptable payment agreement to repay any balance will be discussed and arranged. Our staff can also provide benefits advice, including eligibility for Housing Benefit and access to welfare benefits such as Universal Credit

There are a number of other Council services and agencies which can also help you. These services and agencies will listen to your difficulties and if necessary liaise directly with the Council on your behalf to attempt to reach a solution. There is no charge for providing this service. The Council is happy to deal with these agencies.

Shelter Scotland in Aberdeen can help you if you have difficulties paying your rent, are already in rent arrears or are facing court action due to rent arrears and/or council tax arrears. The earlier you make contact the easier it will be for their specialist team to help.

Their new drop-in hours are 11am - 3pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; Friday from 9:30am - 3pm.

If you have a low income and/or receive certain benefits you may qualify for Housing Benefit. This is a scheme to help people who cannot afford to pay all, or a proportion of, their rent. It is open to anyone to apply whether they are older, disabled or in work with a low income.

Benefit is worked out by comparing your income and your family circumstances with your rent, and if you qualify for help, your rent is reduced. If you have savings you could still qualify for benefit.

Application forms are available from Council offices. Do not delay as Housing Benefit cannot normally be backdated. Further advice and assistance is available from the  page.

You can talk to a Housing Officer at the Council's Customer Access Points: 

You can talk to the Benefits Advice team at:

Here are some common question and answers about rent. 

Yes, it's a condition of your tenancy that you pay rent. If you decide that you wish to withhold rent because of outstanding repairs, it's important that you write to the Housing Services Manager to inform them of this

Yes you will need a new direct debit form because your rent account number will have changed. We will give you another form when you sign your new tenancy agreement.

Each year, we decide on the level of rent by taking into account the costs associated with providing the housing service together with the investment required in our housing stock (the properties that we own need to be maintained).

You can still pay at any Council cash office without your card - just tell the cashier your rent account number. Contact your local Housing Office who will arrange for a new card to be sent out to you.

The rent on a council property cover such things as repairs through wear and tear, keeping the property wind and watertight, improvements to the house from time to time, the services of your local council services office, buildings insurance, warden services and care and maintenance of communal areas.

Your rent does not cover fixing any damage you have done to the property (if we have to do this, we will charge you for it), re-decorating the inside of the house, council tax, insurance for the contents of the property, including your belongings, white goods, furniture, etc; phone, heating and other power bills, maintenance of your garden (if you have one).

A large amount of your rent goes into repairing and upgrading tenants' homes. If you fail to pay your rent, we can't do as much as we'd like to do for you and our other tenants. You may also be at risk of being taken to court and evicted from your home if you fall into arrears and do not pay. If you purposely do not pay your rent and you are evicted, we will not make you another offer of permanent housing.

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