How does the Council allocate housing?

The Council's policy for allocating housing gives priority to those in the greatest housing need while being as sensitive as possible to the circumstances of all applicants. The policy aims to:

  • Be open, fair, transparent and consistent.
  • House those in greatest need. 
  • Ensure any accommodation offered meets the needs of applicants. 
  • Make best use of Council houses. 
  • Provide applicants with an easy to understand policy. 
  • Meet standards of good practice. 
  • Contribute to the promotion of stable and balanced communities. 
  • Promote equal opportunities and social inclusion. 
  • Meet the conditions of all relevant laws. 

Placement on a list for housing is determined by an applicant's priority for housing, details of which can be found in the allocation policy. The applicant must wait for an offer of accommodation which will be based on their priority and the availability of the type and size of property required.

Housing applicants are only allowed to refuse one offer of accommodation before their application is put on hold for a period of 12 months, during which time they will not receive any further offers of accommodation.

Applicants assessed as Statutory Homeless will be entitled to one offer of accommodation under their Statutory Homeless priority.

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