WayWORD Festival: Visions of Beauty, Uncovering Art


Are you aged between 16 and 26? Do you have strong ideas about what beauty is? We would love to have you take part in an audience discussion as part of our Visions of Beauty: Uncovering Art event in Aberdeen Art Gallery for the WayWORD Festival.  

Join Aberdeen Art Gallery Volunteer Amy Thomson and face and body artist Ulianka Maksymiuk for a discursive dive into selected artworks from the Art Gallery’s collection. Exploring ideas of beauty and beautiful objects, we will look at how perceptions of beauty have changed over time in visual art. A panel-led discussion will open up a conversation about the artworks and notions of beauty. 

Aberdeen-based artist Ulianka draws on contrasting forms of big and small shapes to explore our place as humans in the world, working on both regular canvas and directly onto the human body. Born in St Petersburg, where the surrounding museums, theatres and exhibitions influenced her from a young age, Ulianka has a passion for art. Ulianka was named the 2018 UK Bodypainting Champion.  

The panel will be joined by two members of the WayWORD Committee, Mabel Chambers and Kirsty Lawie, who organised this event and both have a keen interest in perceptions and depictions of beauty in their studies: 

Mabel Chambers is a post-grad Social Anthropology student, writer, finder of interesting stones and reader of independent magazines. Her studies have revealed the value of different perspectives and the power of changing a narrative both in terms of literature and wider society. She is a great fan of fantasy fiction, folklore, and photography and is always keen to find a new way of looking at the world and the stories that are told; from writing and directing an adaptation of King Lear exploring mental health stigma in middle-aged women to putting her own spin on cooking recipes. 

Kirsty Lawie is an MLitt student in Creative Writing at the University of Aberdeen, working in doric and writing on community and female experience. She is also an editor for Leopard Arts and a visual artist.

You can book your free space to be in the live audience in Aberdeen Art Gallery on Saturday 25th September, 2pm. Just click on the Book Now button on right hand side of this page. 


Free tickets to watch the live stream online are booked through the WayWORD Festival website here: https://www.waywordfestival.com/visions-of-beauty