Sound festival 2020 - Film Screening: Le Sirenuse


Le Sirenuse Film installation

Cowdray Hall, Aberdeen Art Gallery
In association with sound

A filmed performance piece featuring glass percussion and electroacoustic sounds. Le Sirenuse is Italian for both mythological sirens and a specific location of islands in Italy where they were said to have lived and lured men to their death. 

Concept: Carrie Fertig 
Performers: Stuart Brown, Carrie Fertig, Alistair MacDonald 
Live electronics and sound design: Alistair MacDonald 
Filmed by: Rob Page 
Edited by: Carrie Fertig, Rob Page 


Admission free but advance booking advisable to guarantee entry


Supported by William Wilson, Lyth Art Centre, Caithness and North Sutherland Fund, Creative Scotland

Photo Credit: Rob Page