Shadows and Light, the Extraordinary Life of James McBey


'Shadows and Light, the Extraordinary Life of James McBey' by Alasdair Soussi is the first biography of the celebrated Aberdonian artist who was noted for his etchings and dry point engravings. Curated by the author to coincide with the book’s publication, this exhibition offers insights into a man who was described as the “heir to Rembrandt”. It draws on McBey’s personal collection of artworks, sketchbooks, scrapbooks, diaries, photographs and letters. This rich archive was bequeathed to Aberdeen Archives, Gallery & Museums by the artist’s widow, Marguerite McBey. The Marguerite McBey Trust continues to provide us with valuable support, from cataloguing and digitising the entire McBey collection of prints and memorabilia, to the recent redevelopment of the Art Gallery.


Image: Marguerite and James McBey, around 1937