Pavlovka Pinhole Photography Festival

black and white pinhole photograph of street with lights

The Pavlovka Pinhole Festival was established in 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine, to celebrate the playfulness, surprise and magic of pinhole photography. Organised by curator Yuliia Belska, the Festival’s goal is to unite international photo artists who use the world’s oldest photographic tradition in their work.

As a gesture of solidarity with our colleagues working in museums and galleries in Ukraine, this exhibition features 40 works by 13 artists from previous Pavlovka Pinhole Photography Festivals. All works are for sale (minimum donation £45) and a zine accompanies the exhibition (minimum donation £5). Proceeds from sales will go directly to support the Pavlovka Gallery in their efforts to continue to run the Pinhole Festival in a time of war.



Follow the link to find out more about the Festival


Image: untitled by Andriy Bondarenko