Online - The Many Faces of James Giles


Online Exhibition

“I have the feeling about me of doing something great”, James Giles 1801 - 1870


150 years ago, in October 1870, noted artist James Giles died at his home in Aberdeen.

Giles is best known today for his Scottish sporting scenes set in Highland landscapes, but he also painted portraits and castles, designed gardens, parks and architectural monuments. His was truly a multi-faceted career. We are delighted, during this period of commemoration, to be able to share several reflections on James Giles.


In this illustrated talk Lead Curator Madeline Ward discusses Giles's eclectism and his place as an 'Aberdeen Artist.


As part of this small online exhibition, we're pleased not only to present our own reflections on Giles and his career, but in the blogs opposite, three guest contributors - Simon Welfare, Sandy McPherson and Bruce Swanson - share their varied personal connections with the artist and their deep appreciation for his artistic and cultural endeavours.