Marischal College Fountains Installation


Sound has commissioned four unique soundscapes to complement the fountains outside Marischal College in Aberdeen.

Each piece is inspired in a different way by the movement, the rhythm, the sound and the play of light on the water.

The audience can listen to the audio via their own mobile devices near the fountains outside the Marischal College (using the locative audio player Sonicmaps). The pieces are 10 to 15 min long.

Commissioned artists: Pippa MurphyRoss WhyteBea Dawkins and Silent Chaos.


To listen to the soundscape whilst you are near the fountain, click on the link below to go to the SonicMaps site and follow the onscreen instructions:


The soundscapes are rotating as follows so please visit the site again to hear the different interpretations:


21-27 August: Ross Whyte
28-3 September: Silent Chaos


4-10 September: Bea Dawkins
11-17 September: Pippa Murphy
18-24 September: Ross Whyte
25-1 October: Silent Chaos


2-8 October: Bea Dawkins
9–15 October: Pippa Murphy
16-17 October: Ross Whyte
18 October: Silent Chaos
19 October: Bea Dawkins
20 October: Pippa Murphy
21 October: Ross Whyte
22 October: Silent Chaos
23 October: Bea Dawkins
24 October: Pippa Murphy


Please note that due to an ongoing issue, the fountains may be switched off from time to time