Lighthouse Aberdeen Winter Solstice from the Cowdray Hall


Online Event

Turn on, tune in and bliss out! The rulers of the ages, Saturn and Jupiter meet at 0° Aquarius, making this winter solstice more energetically charged than in other years. Lighthouse Aberdeen will guide you through the cosmology before leading you into a kundalini meditation designed to harness the energy of this once-in-a-lifetime planetary interaction. The event closes with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the deep vibrations of the gongs, recorded live in the magnificent surroundings of the Cowdray Hall, with its acclaimed acoustic. 

The grand conjunction takes place at 1.20pm. The exact time of this year’s solstice is 1.30pm - we encourage you to tune in at 1.00pm so that we can link our collective energies and be fully immersed in the gong frequencies as these momentous planetary events take place.