Guthrie’s Goslings


Join Guthrie the Goose as each month he playfully introduces our youngest visitors to a different artwork or theme. Sessions can include a mixture of music, dance, crafts and games. Expect something new every time.


Wednesday 1 November
Clay Play
Guthrie invites you to squish, squash and splat as we explore clay. Together we’ll take a look at some of the objects on display that can help us to understand what clay is used for. Little artists are then invited to experiment with different tools to discover just what this wonderful medium can do.


Wednesday 6 December
Wrapping Paper
Paper – art galleries are full of it! But what can we do with it? Rip it, wet it, scrunch it, build with it, print on it. Explore this wonderful medium in this open play session.


Wednesday 7 February
Crafting Colour
This month Guthrie introduces youngsters to the vibrant world of colour! We’ll go on a colourful treasure hunt around the Gallery before heading to the Learning Space for some hands-on colourful fun.


Please note that activities on 1 November and 6 December are messy. We advise that you bring a change of clothes and an old towel.