Embellish Embroidery Adult Workshop


Join us for a relaxed and informal workshop where you can play with ideas to produce an embellished embroidery piece under the guidance of textile artist Aileen Smith. Aileen will take you through a variety of techniques and possibilities to inspire your embellish embroidery projects. All levels from expert to wannabe embroiderers are welcome! 


Techniques will include:  

  • Building up layers of design 
  • Felt padding, covering with fabric, applying grid, embellish with stitch 
  • Random gathering of seam to cover raw edges of central part 
  • Encircle with beads or other item which can be couched (demonstrate method of application) 
  • Split stitch, back stitch, chain stitch, buttonhole stitch (demonstrate if required)  
  • Weaving with fabric or thread, woven and whipped circles 
  • Covering washers 
  • Finishing back of hoop, alternatives e.g. brooch, cushion, bag, etc. 


Materials & Equipment needed:

  • 4” or 6” embroidery hoop  
  • Selection of needles including a large eye tapestry needle, size 18 works well 
  • Sharp, pointed scissors 
  • 2 pieces of fabric for your hoop. Linen/cotton (an old pair of trousers is ideal) 
  • A small piece of felt, a 5cm square or scraps in any colour 
  • Small amount of netting from fruit or vegetable packaging 
  • A small piece of fabric to contrast with netting 
  • Old shirt/blouse you’d like to reuse - cotton, chiffon, silk, sheer fabric 
  • A rubber O-ring, metal washer or small curtain ring (optional) 
  • Collect embellishments for reuse from greetings cards e.g. gold strings, ribbons, beads from old necklaces, buttons, sequins.  
  • Threads – You can use s limited number of colours, for example, 3 different shades of greens and 1 contrasting colour  
  • 2 stranded cotton, one a contrasting colour 
  • 1 space-dyed stranded cotton 
  • 1 thicker thread e.g. Perle 5