Drawn North


The culmination of three years’ work by talented Architecture students at Robert Gordon University to reimagine waterfront areas in Aberdeen and Orkney will be virtually exhibited in a collaboration with Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums and The Pier Arts Centre in Orkney.

The exhibition, ‘Drawn North’, has been curated by a small group of recent graduates and goes live on Friday 17 July. Visitors will have access to a wide range of projects, from social housing and leisure amenities, to cultural hubs and education and research facilities, all situated within wider master plan proposals.

The work seeks to reinforce a sense of place through the enhancement of community and economic sustainability, all underpinned by notions of social and ethical responsibility in relation to pressing challenges such as climate change.

The highly creative, detailed, and research-informed work, focuses on making significant improvements to Aberdeen’s waterfront, including the harbour, beachfront, and links, with a view to enhancing city living through a range of community facilities and public amenities.

The second section looks at the opportunity within the Orkney islands for economic and social development in the context of an incredibly rich, sensitive, and globally important archaeological and cultural heritage.


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