British Art Show 9: Digital Dinner Party


Online Event

Join food historian and artist Tasha Marks for a unique taste of British Art Show 9.

Inspired by the work of three contemporary artists, this cook-along and conversation is sure to be food for thought. The three courses include a cocktail, canape and a sweet treat, each paired with one artwork in the exhibition. Participants will be sent the ingredients list in advance in order to be able to cook-a-long, with each course starting with a brief introduction to the artist’s work and a description of the bespoke pairing.

This is the perfect way to explore British Art Show 9 through a curated dinner party, so dust off your fancy outfit and enjoy an evening of indulgence.


Click on the link below to download the ingredients list and get ready to cook along before the event on Thursday 23rd September!



Joey Holder Cocktail

Joey Holder | Cocktail 
Inspired by the deep sea, dark, mysterious and salty 


Tai Shani Canape


Tai Shani | Canape 
Taking inspiration from 17th-century witchcraft, herbs and spices 

Alberta Whittle Sweet


Alberta Whittle | Sweet 
Story of the pineapple told through a historical and contemporary lens 


Image © Tasha Marks