BAS9 Ambassadors


We have enlisted the help of local BAS9 Ambassadors to help us make connections between groups and communities and this major exhibition of the best recent art from the UK during its first visit to Aberdeen. Follow our Ambassadors on social media @AbdnArtMuseums #BritishArtShow9


Meet our BAS9 Aberdeen Ambassadors . . .


1. Bart Grabski
Bart is a Polish graduate and is working as our Social Media Ambassador. His role is to generate social media content for the duration of British Art Show 9 in Aberdeen.

2. Yara Al Radi 
Yara is a Young Scot Syrian. She is working towards a Youth Achievement Award through her time as a BAS9 Ambassador. 

3. Reema Shoaib 
Reema is from Pakistan and is now living in Aberdeen. Reema will be promoting the show and public programme to her community. She does this through her Facebook page ChaiTime

4. Jon Reid 
Jon runs the Mood of Collapse blog. He will be blogging about BAS9 and leading tours of the show for his creative community followed by a critical dialogue session on the legacy of the show for the local artists. Jon is influential in the street art community. 

5 & 6. Rosie Leavett & Alan Johnstone
Alan and Rosie are existing volunteers with Our Aberdeen. They will be creating a filmed tour of BAS9 for online events with care home residents who can’t come into the Gallery in person. They are also hosting two BAS9 coffee mornings for older people over the course of BAS9 to discuss the show, how much it has changed the gallery, the pieces that they like and the work they find more challenging etc. 

7 & 8. Chris Sansbury & Kevin Mitchel 
Chris and Kevin run POST Aberdeen. They are generating on going content for their website and social media over the course of the show and related public events. 

9. Vladas Laukys 
Vladas is Lithuania local artist. He gave up a career in oil and gas to become an artist and has experience working as a volunteer with Nuart. As well as being the primary carer for a young family at home, he puts time in as a volunteer establishing legal graffiti walls in his local community around Donside Village and Tillydrone. Vladas will be helping out with the Mobile Art School and working with his local community to engage them with the show. 

10. Fiona Burrows 
Fiona is a former primary school teacher, recently moved to Aberdeen to attend Gary’s School of Art. She will be brilliant with families and children and will be working with the Mobile Art School and helping to lead Spotlight Tours

11. Rita Kernack 
Rita is a very thoughtful local contemporary artist whose practice is deeply engaged with environmental issues. She is very active within local artist societies and will be hosting a BAS9 Open Studio. She will also be writing a blog on the themes behind BAS9 in relation to her work as a local artist and hosting an event.