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Aberdeen Artists Society
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Betty and Charles Clunas
Bill and Leslie McKimmie
Brian & Helen Taylor
Budge Foundation
Christine Rew
Claire and Michael Bruce
Craig Simon Watson
David and Margaret Ogilvie
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Derek Ogston
Duncan and Jacqui Skinner
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John Byrne 'aka Patrick'
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Joseph A F Whimster and Family
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Lori and Dominic Houlihan
Lynn and Peter Roberts
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Margaret Rose Steer
Margaretha Simpson
Marion White
Martin, Fiona, Jamie, Mhairi and Kirstin Gilbert
Melanie C Forrester
Melfort and Lucy Campbell
Mike and Carol Pittilo
Murdoch and Jenny Shirreffs
Neva and Roy Haites
Nuala and Ian Booth
Pamela Bryce
Petroleum Women’s Club of Scotland
Philip and Kathleen Cormack
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Roy Farquharson
S & J
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W L Alexander
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