Stories of Aberdeen


We don't just collect objects - we also collect memories and stories.

Oral history or recorded memories are important to us and our identity as a city and region.


Recent projects include:

Oil memories

For half a century offshore energy has been a mainstay of the UK economy. There is a large community involved in capturing these energy sources. Yet because their jobs often take place far out of sight, most people are unaware of the work undertaken and the life that goes on to ensure our cars and cookers keep working. We also tend to forget that it is real people going about their everyday job with all the humour, frustrations, elation or fatigue that this entails, and not just big bits of kit.

Oil Memories aimed to capture the stories of those involved in the energy industries.


First World War Remembered

During the redevelopment of Aberdeen Art Gallery, the Remembrance Hall and Cowdray Hall , we collected memories and recollections about how the Great War affected life in Aberdeen.

Some of these stories can be found on display in the balcony space around the Remembrance Hall (Gallery 11). 


Current and future projects:

Remembrance Hall

We will regularly change the Remembrance displays and explore other stories. Displays may focus on the Falklands War, the First and Second World Wars and post-war civil defence for example, or training for conflict, military cadet life, National Service, medical support, recuperation and experiences of those left at home when their loved ones go to war.


Life in the Oil and Gas industry

If you have a story and/or a picture - sad, funny, exciting or mundane - we would love to hear from you so we can learn about the sector, preserve that memory and perhaps include it in future displays and collections.


What you need to consider:

  • Do you have permission to share the information, memories and stories?
  • Are you happy to have your name associated with your story?
  • We might want a recording of your story. Could you do that or would you need help?
  • You will be granting us the right to use, reproduce, distribute or sensitively modify the content as necessary.


What we will do with your content:

  • Unless deemed inappropriate, we might add your story to our database
  • We might use it as a recording or as a written transcript, or as an excerpt in exhibitions
  • We may make it accessible online