Collecting Art (6-11yrs)


Artwork and Artist

'To Pastures New', 1883 by Sir James Guthrie

This artwork can be found in GALLERY 1: Collecting Art in Aberdeen Art Gallery.



Aberdeen art collector sees into the future!

To Pastures New was painted by Glaswegian artist James Guthrie. He was inspired by French and Dutch painters, who were trying out new techniques and everyday rural subjects.   

This painting was very different to most art made in Scotland at the time. Edinburgh’s art institutions set the trend for art in Scotland.

They liked traditional subjects; important moments in world history or biblical tales. Guthrie rejected the stuffy rules of Edinburgh.  

So why is Guthrie’s painting in Aberdeen Art Gallery?  

Art collectors in Aberdeen could see that Europe was leading the way with modern ideas that would change art forever. They wanted to bring examples of European art to Scotland; to inspire local artists. They thought new British painters like Guthrie, who understood European art, could lead the way.  

'To Pastures New', 1883 by Sir James Guthrie 
Bought for Aberdeen by collector Francis Edmond in 1888.


Look and See

Guthrie painted the girl in this picture as though he had met her out in the field. Do you think he was standing or sitting when he painted this scene?

If you look at the girl’s face, you can see underneath her hat without feeling like you must bend down and peer up. This means he was sitting down to paint.



Have you ever seen anything on holiday that inspired you, and you wanted to show people back home? Why?

Nowadays people take lots of photos of things they’ve seen. Instagram and blogging are a bit like art collecting. Users want to share images with others to inspire them, set new trends or show off.


Did you know?

James Guthrie and his fellow Glasgow based artists gave Edinburgh’s traditional painters the nickname ‘glue-pots’ for being ‘stuck in their ways’.



A scrapbook is a fun way to collect and record memories of the things that you have done. Make a scrapbook to record the enjoyable things that you are doing at home.  

You could share your scrapbook with friends and family digitally, or when you get to see them in person again soon. 

You could draw pictures, collect items like leaves that you may find outside or write down any recipes that you have enjoyed baking. With the help of an adult you may be able to print any photos that you have taken online and have them delivered. Add written notes about the things that you have done. 

Add plenty of pages so that you can continue to add to your scrapbook in the future.  

You can have a look around your home for interesting items to embellish your scrapbook. Here are some ideas: gift wrap, fabric scraps and trims, old hair clips, stickers, petals from the garden, buttons, sequins, ribbons, cut outs from magazines.

How to Scrapbook:


How to make your Scrapbook: 
A simple scrapbook using any paper that you have. A decorative cover is always nice.


For older children or those who want to create something more robust:


Some decorative ideas: