Housing performance

On this page you will find performance information about Aberdeen City Council’s Housing service.

This information includes legal performance required by the Scottish Government, and the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Scottish Housing Regulator

In 2012 the Scottish Government introduced the Scottish Social Housing Charter which includes 16 outcomes and standards that social landlords should aim to achieve when delivering housing services.

Each year we work closely with our Housing Volunteers to produce our performance report which details how well we have performed against the Housing Charter outcomes and standards. The report is sent to the Scottish Housing Regulator and is also made available to all tenants and customers to read.

You can watch this short video on this year's Scottish Social Housing Charter Performance Report below. 

You can watch last year's Housing Performance Report on our Youtube channel.

Significant Performance Failure

Council tenants can report a significant performance failure (SPF) to the Scottish Housing Regulator. You can report an SPF as an individual or as a group such as a Registered Tenant Organisation. Find out more or report a significant performance failure:

What is a significant performance failure?

  • A significant performance failure is where a landlord:
  • consistently and repeatedly fails to achieve outcomes in the Scottish Social Housing Charter or outcomes agreed locally with tenants; or
  • has not reported its performance annually to its tenants or the annual reported performance does not reflect actual performance; or
  • has materially failed to meet  Regulatory Standards; and
  • the landlord’s action(s), or failure to take action, puts tenants’ interests at risk and this significantly affects a number of the landlord’s tenants.


A SPF could happen where a landlord:

  • fails to carry out health and safety requirements, such as annual gas safety checks;
  • is not maintaining tenants’ homes or carrying out repairs in line with its legislative duties and published policies;
  • fails to have appropriate governance and financial procedures in place or apply them; or
  • does not consult tenants about issues such as proposed rent increases and other policies that affect tenants.

Find out more

If you would like to hear more about Housing Performance, why not come along to our Housing, Performance and Budget group meetings.

They take place on the last Monday of each month at 2pm in Committee Room 5 in the Town House.

Our housing volunteers are given monthly performance reports to help them analyse how well we are performing against the indicators in the Housing Charter. They also use these figures as evidence when carrying out service reviews.

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