Council performance

Our role as a Council is to provide effective services to the public. We regularly report on our performance so that you – our customers – know how we are doing when it comes to providing services, using resources efficiently, and delivering on our objectives.

One way of measuring whether we are meeting our objectives is by using performance indicators. Aberdeen City Council has a set of Statutory Performance Indicators (SPIs) that we report on regularly. This allows us – and you – to see if we are meeting our targets and whether our performance has improved over time.

Some of our SPIs are national performance indicators. Other Councils across Scotland also report on these same indicators. The Local Government Benchmarking Framework contains performance information from all Councils across Scotland. You can use the framework to compare our performance against that of other Councils and see how we are doing compared to the Scottish average.

We are currently reviewing our public performance reporting arrangements following the appointment of the new Council administration in May 2017 and as part of the ongoing redevelopment of the Aberdeen City Council website. More information will be available on this page soon.

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