Tenant and resident participation

Tenant and resident participation is about give you real opportunities to contribute to and influence all decisions relating to your homes and living conditions.

Join us on Microsoft Teams

During 2020/21 tenants and residents began using Teams to meet with the Council and other tenants to participate in our housing service and your communities. If you would like to join us please click on the link below for more information and joining instructions. Look forward to seeing you.

Find out how to join a Teams meeting.

For more information, please contact Carol Hannaford, Development Officer, using the details below. 

Getting involved

Aberdeen City Council is committed to consulting with you and giving you opportunities to take part in the decision making process.

You can get involved in any way you want to as we have lots of different ways for you to participate. If you would like to join us please contact:

Carol Hannaford
Development Officer (Tenant and Resident Participation)
01224 522839

This is the group for tenants and residents who want to be more involved in the housing service.

It is where tenants, residents and the Council work together to ensure effective and meaningful consultation and communication takes place.

Members of this group gain an understanding of Council policies and procedures. It is also a way for members to meet other tenants and residents from all over the city to discuss any housing issues and share good news stories with each other.

This group meets monthly and new members are always welcome.

All meetings are in Committee Room 5 at the Town House. 

2023 meetings dates

Wednesday 15 November at 2pm 

Our Housing Service Review volunteers evaluate council services, highlighting what works and what doesn't, with the aim of improving them for everyone.

We provide training and support to help our volunteers carry out the reviews. So if you have ever thought that a service could be delivered better, why not join this group and help us?

This group has been recognised as best practise and has won various national awards.

All meetings are in Committee Room 5 at the Town House. 

Previous reviews

2023 meetings dates

No upcoming meetings. 


This group help produce our tenant magazine Newsbite and work with council services and advise them on information and promotional materials such as posters, reports and booklets.

They also help to organise various events for our customers such as conversation cafes. They also attend events all over the city, to promote customer engagement and encourage other tenants to get involved. 

You don’t have to be a writer or a professional events organiser to join this group! We are looking for members who want to help improve communication between the Council and our customers.

All meetings are in Committee Room 5 at the Town House. 


Read our newsletter to keep up with the latest news and events: 

2023 meeting dates

Wednesday 22 November at 2pm 


This group meets monthly to analyse housing performance. Group members can look at performance data and have the opportunity to question council officers about that information.

In addition, they examine the Housing Revenue Account - where all your rent money is kept - to see what is used for and to ensure the Tenant Participation budget is used to encourage participation with all our tenants.

All meetings are in Committee Room 5 at the Town House. 

2023 meeting dates

Monday 27 November at 2pm 

This group meets monthly and is for all residents (tenants and owners) who live in multi-storey buildings.

At these meetings we look at the issues affecting all multi-storeys and their residents. They are actively involved in fire safety issues and is used for consultation purposes.

The group has a Facebook page which links into other multi-storey Facebook groups across the city

All meetings are held on Microsoft Teams. 

Multi Matters

2023 meeting dates

Wednesday 29 November at 6pm 

These groups are made up of neighbours in multi-storey buildings who meet to organise social activities, address issues in their multi, to participate in tenant/resident led inspections and to lead on participatory budgeting for their multi and surrounding area.

If these groups have a constitution, the Council will pay an annual grant and they can apply for external funding. 

Check to see if your multi-storey has a Facebook Group.

This group is for all sheltered housing tenants from across Aberdeen. They meet on a regular basis to discuss policies and procedures which affect sheltered housing complexes. The members also share good news stories about their various social activities in their buildings.

All meetings are in Committee Room 5 at the Town House. 

2023 meeting dates

No upcoming meetings. 

These are groups based in the sheltered housing complexes who meet to organise various social activities such as bingo. If these groups have a constitution, the Council will pay an annual grant and they can apply for external funding. 

These are local people who represent the interests of those living in a particular area or building. These groups can meet face to face, or virtually – it is up to the group to decide.

Tenant and resident groups work with the Council and our partners including Police Scotland, to address problems in a particular area and find solutions. They can also participate in Community Walkabouts and tenant/resident led inspections. 

If these groups have a constitution, they receive funding from the Council and can apply for external funding eg lottery funding.  Members can also attend our citywide groups. To find out if there is a tenant and resident group in your area or if you would like to set up your own group, please contact your Housing Officer who will be happy to help you.

We have created the below guide to give tenants and residents useful information about why to start a group, what is involved in starting a group and how to successfully manage the group once it is established

The Youth Housing Survey Results can be found below.

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