Pay a parking Penalty Charge Notice


  • When a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is issued the value is £60.00, however a discounted amount of £30.00 will be accepted if full payment is received within 14 days of issue.
  • Payment of £30.00 received after the 14-day period has expired will be considered as part-payment and the balance will remain due.

You can pay online using our secure payments facility.

Penalty Charge Notice Charge

Penalty Charge Notice


Penalty Charge Notice discounted (paid within 14 days)


Penalty Charge Notice - Notice to Owner issued


Penalty Charge Notice - Charge Certificate issued


Objection to a PCN must be made in writing to the PO Box address below quoting the notice number. No objections (or enquiries) will be dealt with by telephone. Please refer to the information on the back of the PCN for instructions on payment of the penalty charge and the objection process.


  • The PCN shows the alleged contravention, together with the place, time and date that it occurred. If you feel it was wrongly issued, you can make an appeal to Aberdeen City Council.

  • If your appeal is rejected, you will be sent a reply explaining the reasons why, and advising what you can do next. If you have written within 14 days of the PCN's date of issue, you will be given another opportunity to pay the reduced rate of £30.00.

  • If your appeal is accepted the PCN will be withdrawn and you will receive written notification.

  • Do not send any payment or make payment using the council's online/telephone payments if you have submitted an appeal against the PCN. If you make the appropriate payment the case will be paid and closed.

  • If you make representations by email a response will be sent by email to the same email address unless an alternative address is provided. Likewise, if representations are made by letter, a response will be made in writing to the address provided unless an alternative address is provided.

Please note: if you fail to provide an address on your letter of appeal no response can be issued so your appeal can't be considered. In this case, you will receive a Notice to Owner.

Contact details

Parking Appeals
PO Box 10505
AB12 9EW 

Notice to Owner

  • If full payment is received within 28 days of issue of the PCN, the case will be closed.

  • If payment is not received a Notice to Owner may be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle at the time of the alleged contravention, according to DVLA records.

  • When you receive a Notice to Owner payment or representations can be made.

  • Representations can only be made on the grounds which are explained on the form by the registered keeper of the vehicle.

  • Representations will be carefully considered and if the council agrees with your representations you will receive a Notice of Acceptance and the case will be closed, but if not, you will receive a Notice of Rejection

  • If you receive a Notice of Rejection you must either pay the penalty or appeal to the Independent Parking Adjudicator within 28 days, using the enclosed Appeal Form.

Independent Parking Adjudicator

You may only appeal to the Independent Parking Adjudicator after your appeal to the Council has been rejected. The adjudicators' decision is final.

Do not ignore a Penalty Charge Notice

It will carry additional penalties if it is not paid (or contested) promptly.

  • If payment remains outstanding 28 days after a Notice to Owner has been issued, or after an appeal or representation has been refused, the Council may issue a Charge Certificate increasing the penalty by a further 50% of the original charge.

  • After a Charge Certificate has been issued and the PCN remains unpaid it may be passed to the Council's debt recovery agent for further action. At this stage additional fees may be added above the sum owed to the Council. At this stage recovery is no longer in the hands of the Council. Any communication should be made to the Sheriff Officer who will issue a payment demand.

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