Bus lanes and bus gates

Bus lane enforcement charge notices

If you drive in a bus lane during the times of operation or through a bus gate at any time, your vehicle registration details will be captured on camera. We will then ask the DVLA for details of the registered keeper of the vehicle. We will issue a bus lane enforcement charge notice to the registered keeper.

The notice will show:

  • The registration number of the vehicle involved in the alleged contravention.
  • When the alleged contravention occurred
  • Why we believe a charge is payable.
  • How much the charge is.
  • That the charge must be paid within 28 days.
  • That you can appeal within 28 days if you have grounds to do so.

Bus lanes

There are bus lanes on various main routes throughout the city. The only vehicles allowed to use a bus lane when it is in operation are buses, taxis, private hire vehicles and bicycles.

Signs before the start of the bus lane show the times when it is in operation. Outwith these times, any vehicle can use the bus lane.

The dedicated bus lane on Great Northern Road Eastbound (formerly Auchmill Road) is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so there is no sign required.

The purpose of the bus lanes is to:

  • Improve traffic flow.
  • Improve journey times.
  • Encourage the use of public transport.
  • Improve air quality.

Bus gates

Bus gates are located on:

  • Broad Street (local buses only)
  • Bedford Road
  • College Bounds (Buses and Cycles only) 
  • Gough Burn Crescent, TECA (Buses, taxis and cycles) 
  • Forrit Burn Road (Buses, taxis and cycles) 
  • Shielhill Avenue (Dubford) (also open to taxis)
  • Lang Stracht
  • Union Street/Market Street (between its junctions with Hadden St and the Adelphi). Also open to taxis exiting from Back Wynd and cyclists
  • The east side of Guild Street
  • Bridge Street, between Wapping Street and Windmill Brae

The bus gates are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can view the locations of the bus gates across the city on a map at 

Where bus gates are across the city on a map


You can view the city centre bus gates on a more detailed map at 

Map showing where bus gates are in the city centre

You can view a more detailed map of the bus gates outwith the city centre at

Map showing bus gates outwith the city centre


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