Cycling maps

The map was produced by the Aberdeen Cycle Forum - a voluntary group encouraging and developing cycling within Aberdeen - with support from Aberdeen City Council and sponsorship from Union Square, the shopping and leisure centre.

It shows existing cycle facilities such as cycle lanes, as well as cycle shops, places to lock bikes, recommended quiet routes and recreational routes around Aberdeen.

The map is available in City libraries and most public Council buildings. If you are having problems finding a copy, please get in contact.

The original map is very large and as such has had to be split up into sections. The Index Map below shows how the map has been split up. The table below it links to the .pdf sections - some of which are quite large and will take time to appear - of the map:

Cycling Map Index

The base mapping is copyright of the Ordnance Survey and any additional mapping work is copyright of Lovell Johns. The text is copyright of the Aberdeen Cycle Forum. Aberdeen City Council cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions on the mapping or in the text.

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