Aberdeen Local Development Plan review

Pre-Main Issues Report 2018: 19 March - 28 May 2018

We are now starting the process of producing the next Aberdeen Local Development Plan.

It is vital we keep the Local Development Plan as up to date as possible to ensure it responds to new issues and takes into account the evolving needs of local communities and businesses. This is the time for us to find out what the people of Aberdeen think are the main planning issues the next Local Development Plan needs to address. You can download a leaflet explaining the development plan process from the Related Documents section below. 

The Pre-Main Issues Report Consultation will run from Monday 19 March to Monday 28 May 2018 - please note this deadline has now been extended from the earlier deadline of 8 May.

To gather your views, once the consultation opens, we will be asking you to fill in a questionnaire, complete the Scottish Government’s Place Standard and speak with us at our drop in sessions. We will also be inviting development bids from landowner and developers.

You can download a questionnaire and bid form from the the Related Documents section below, or you can complete these online at our Consultation Hub using the links below: 



The Place Standard is a Scottish Government tool which is used as a way to assess places. Please be aware that the Place Standard consultation is set up in community council areas, and you can complete it using the link below:

There will be an information stall in Marischal College reception for the duration of the consultation.

If you want to print out a poster to promote the consultation, or have a look at the presentation we gave to Community Councils, developers and agents, and key agencies please see the Related Documents section below.

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