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Amenity housing, sheltered housing and very sheltered housing all have special adaptations which make them suitable for older people to continue to live full and independent lives in their own homes for as long as possible. Which of these types of housing would best suit you depends on your age and your health.

Sheltered housing is designed for people of pensionable age. Sheltered housing is usually in grouped developments, most of which have a common area for residents to meet and socialise, and other facilities such as a laundry. Sheltered developments are provided with a Senior Personal Carer service and a 24 hour call system for emergencies.

Top up or renewal of a laundry card

If you, or a member of your family, currently reside within a sheltered housing complex, please contact your onsite Bon Accord carer who will be able to assist you.

Name Location Housing area Number of properties
Charlie Devine Court Whitestripes Way 01 Middleton 52
Denmore Court Provost Mitchell Circle 02 Denmore 12
Hamewith Harehill Road 03 Balgownie 53
Donview House Seaton Crescent 07 Seaton 58
Lord Hays Court St. Ninian's Place 07 Seaton 96
Seaton House School Road 07 Seaton 57
Loch Court Loch Street / Spring Garden 12 Gallowgate 48
Constitution Court Constitution Street 13 King Street 34
St. Clement's Court Jasmine Place 13 King Street 59
Fairley Den Sclattie Park 18 Bucksburn 38
Clifton Court Great Northern Road 20 Woodside 56
Fullerton Court 768 Great Northern Road 20 Woodside 56
Murray Court Great Northern Road 20 Woodside 56
Hilton Court Stewart Park Place 21 Hilton 54
Stewart Park Court Stewart Park Place 21 Hilton 57
Dominies Court Dominies Road 22 Rosehill 32
Castleton Court Castleton Way 23 Stockethill 72
Stocket Grange Stockethill Crescent 23 Stockethill 62
Woodhill Court Castleton Drive 23 Stockethill 72
Ashgrove Court Gillespie Crescent 25 Ashgrove 39
Gillespie Crescent Gillespie Crescent 25 Ashgrove 8
Eden Place Eden Place 29 Rosemount 8
Richmond Walk Richmond Walk 29 Rosemount 4
Short Loanings Richmond Walk 29 Rosemount 28
Lewis Court Arran Avenue 34 South Sheddocksley 49
Taransay Court Lewis Road 34 South Sheddocksley 42
Granitehill House Marchburn Drive 38 Northfield 55
Kingswood Court Invercauld Road 41 Mastrick 17
Quarryhill Court Stocket Parade 41 Mastrick 38
Gray Court Eday Road / Crescent 42 Summerhill 45
Denseat Court Skene Road 43 Hazlehead 47
Janesfield Manor Auchinyell Road 50 Garthdee / Kaimhill 58
Gairn Court Gairn Crescent 53 Holburn 56
Balnagask Place 15-19 Balnagask Place 57 Torry 5
North Balnagask Road North Balnagask Road 57 Torry 9
Provost Hogg Court Victoria Road 57 Torry 53
Brimmond Court Balnagask Avenue 58 East Balnagask 49
Margaret Clyne Court Kincorth Circle 59 Kincorth 56
Mark Bush Court Abbotswell Drive 59 Kincorth 52

Guest rooms are available for overnight stays for the guests of current tenants in sheltered housing developments.

Bookings can be made with on-site staff.

Rooms are available at two price levels - £15 or £10 - this reflects the facilities available at the room.

Location: Charge per room per night: Facilities:
Coronation Court £15 Twin room, bathroom with shower, café on site
Craigton Park £15 Twin room, bathroom with shower and access to breakfast kitchen
Denmore Court £15 Twin room, bathroom with shower
Denseat Court £15 Twin room, bathroom with over bath shower
Dominies Court £10 Double room, bathroom with shower
Fairley Den £10 One twin room, one double room - no shower, bathroom located in corridor and is shared by both rooms
Gray Court £10 Twin room, bathroom with bath
Janesfield Manor £15 Twin room, bathroom with shower
Kingswood Court £15 Twin room, bathroom with shower
Loch Court £15 Twin room, bathroom with shower
Mark Bush Court £15 Twin room, bathroom with bath
Provost Hogg Court £15 Guest suite with two bedrooms with twin beds, bathroom and kitchen
Quarryhill Court £15 Twin room, bathroom with showe
St Clements' Court £10 Twin room, bathroom with bath
Stocket Grange £15 Twin room, bathroom with over bath shower

Conditions of booking:

  • The maximum stay at any guest room is two weeks
  • No pets are permitted
  • The room should be paid for prior to the visit
  • Guests are expected to show respect to other occupants in the building.

Amenity housing is designed and adapted for people usually 55 years and above with functional and support issues in their current properties

Name Location House type Housing area Number of properties
Rorie Court South Avenue Flats 47 Cults 27
Meadow Court Auchinleck Road Multi storey flats 05 Tillydrone 55
Seaview House Seaton Crescent Multi storey flats 07 Seaton 55
Constitution Lane Constitution Lane Flats 13 King Street 8
Constitution Street Constitution Street Flats 13 King Street 8
South Constitution Street Constitution Street Flats 13 King Street 24
Bede House Court St. Machar Drive Cottages 06 Old Aberdeen 20
Regensburg Court Springhill Road Multi storey flats 35 Sheddocksley 55
Mastrick Land Mastrick Road/ Mastrick Junction Multi storey flats 41 Mastrick 52
Craigton Park Craigton Road Flats/cottages 49 Mannofield 17
Thorngrove Court Great Western Road Cottages 49 Mannofield 12
Balmoral Court Holburn Street Multi storey flats 53 Holburn 55

Very sheltered housing is designed for people of pensionable age who may generally be older or more frail than residents of sheltered housing. It is designed in the same way as sheltered housing, but has additional bathroom facilities and 24 hour cover on site. Residents of very sheltered housing are provided with lunch each day.

Name Location Housing area Number of properties
Denmore Court Provost Mitchell Circle  02 Denmore 37
Kingswood Court Invercauld Road  41 Mastrick  40

Coronation Court provides modern supported accommodation within the Peterculter letting area and is a new design concept, ‘housing for varying needs’, where tenants and local residents can interact with each other.

The housing support services are provided by Aberdeen City Council with 24 hour cover on site and the allocation of these properties is carried out by a multi disciplinary panel according to approved criteria.

Name Location Housing area Number of properties
Coronation Court School Road, Peterculter 45 Peterculter 33
Property type Average weekly rent
1 Bed Cottage £90.27
1 Bed Flat £77.72
2 Bed Flat £83.99
1 Bed Flat Multi £77.72
2 Bed Flat Multi £83.99
Property type Gas heated properties Electric heated properties Combined heat and power properties
Bedsits £8.85 £9.90 Not applicable
1 bedroomed flats £10.20 £11.20 £10.00
2 bedroomed flats £11.60 £12.60 £11.30
3 bedroomed flats £12.95 £13.90 £12.60

All Aberdeen City Sheltered and Very Sheltered Housing tenancies have support provided by Bon Accord Care, this is an integral service directly linked to being in Sheltered Housing and is not optional.

Please see the list of services delivered by Bon Accord Care.

This is a chargeable service which all tenants of Sheltered and Very Sheltered Housing are liable for.

The rate for 2022/23 is:

Sheltered Housing £13.55 per week 
Very Sheltered Housing £36.85 per week 

The charge is set annually at Council budget each year.

If you are concerned that you will be unable to afford the charge, a financial assessment can be carried out which may reduce the liability to £0.  

Download a financial assessment form:

Once completed email the form to:

Or post it to:

Revenues and Benefits, Customer Experience, Customer Marischal College, Business Hub 17, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AB

Contact Details: 03000 200 292

Find out how to get help to make your payments

Find out more about the Contributing to Your Care policy.

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