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The Aberdeen City Council payment portal is Aberdeen City Council's new online payment system.

The payment portal makes the online experience more convenient for you and to ensure that Aberdeen City Council keeps up to date with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Please note: The payment portal's URL begins with "". This secured portal is provided by Civica UK Ltd

You have a couple of options to look for the right service for you.

Click on the 'Pay Here' tab next to the 'Home' tab on the top of the page. In the 'Pay Here' page you will see the 'All Shops' drop-down menu and you can choose the right service you wish to pay from there.

There is also a search facility on the page, for example if you type 'Council Tax' into the search box the option for paying Council Tax will appear

No. You will still be able to make payments without registering for an account. Although, we would advise to register for an account in order to save time if you will be making regular payments

By registering for an account you will receive the following benefits:

  • Payment History – You are able to view all payments you have completed on the payment portal. You are able to go back and print any of the payments.
  • Save Payment References – When making a payment you have the option to 'Save Item'. This means that any reference numbers will be saved within your account page for future payments.
  • Store Credit/Debit Card – You have the option to securely store your debit or credit card details on the system. This will speed up your payment process.
  • Payment Receipts – Successful or failed payment receipts would be automatically emailed to your registered email address immediately after the completion of the payment process.

If you have registered for an account a receipt is automatically emailed to the registered email address you entered. If the payment fails you will also be emailed a notification of this.

If you have not registered for an account, during the payment process you are asked if you wish to enter an email address, but this is not mandatory. After a successful payment you will be offered the chance to print a copy of the receipt or asked again if you wish to enter an email address in order for a receipt to be sent by email

Your reference number is highlighted on any correspondence which you would have received from Aberdeen City Council.

  • For Council Tax, Housing Rents and Business Rates, this would be detailed on your annual bill.
  • For Invoices, your DCA number and invoice number will be detailed on the invoice that was sent to you.
  • For Penalty Charge Notices, ;this begins with AB and will be shown on the notice you received.
  • For Archives payments, this begins with ENQ and will be shown on the quote you received. No reference is required for donations.

No, the payment portal does not allow you to set up a direct debit.

You can sign up for payment by direct debit by phoning the council (on 03000 200 292) and speaking to the relevant department you wish to start a direct debit with. For council tax you can also sign up to direct debit online

If you have an enquiry regarding your payment please contact us as follows:

Service Contact email
Rents, Garage Rents, Parking Spaces, Garage Sites or Insurance
Council Tax or Housing Benefit Overpayments Council Tax Online form
Business Rates
Penalty Charge Notification
Please send all payment remittances to

Alternatively you can also contact us by telephone on 03000 200 292.

From January 2018 you will not be able to make payments using browsers which do not support TLS 1.2 protocol. While modern browsers are enabled with TLS 1.2 protocol some old browsers may not have. In order to check your browser and enable it follow Instruction to enable TLS 1.2 protocols on web browsers.

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