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Amenity housing, sheltered housing and very sheltered housing all have special adaptations which make them suitable for older people to continue to live full and independent lives in their own homes for as long as possible. Which of these types of housing would best suit you depends on your age and your health.

Amenity housing

For people usually 55 years and above with functional and support issues in their current properties.

Sheltered housing

For people of pensionable age. Sheltered housing is usually in grouped developments, most of which have common area for residents to meet and socialise, and other facilities such as laundry. Sheltered developments have a Personal Care Service and a 24 hour call system.

Very sheltered housing

For people of pensionable age who may generally be older or more frail than residents of sheltered housing. It is designed in the same way as sheltered housing, but has additional bathroom facilities and 24 hours on site staff. Residents of very sheltered housing are provided with lunch each day.

Apply for sheltered housing

To be considered for any of these types of housing you need to first complete a Housing Advice Aberdeen Self Assessment. There are two sections to complete, the first part is to register your details followed by a Housing Options and Advice form.

Apply online through our self-service portal by registering first and then completing the Housing Options and Advice form.

You will be assessed by Aberdeen City Council's Housing Needs Assessment Team. The outcome of this assessment will determine if you will qualify for Sheltered or Amenity housing.

Apply over the phone

For help completing a sheltered housing application contact the Housing Advice Service on Tel: 03000 200 292

For more information on amenity, sheltered or very sheltered housing complexes, including average rent and heating charges please see the sheltered housing information page.

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