Green Space Network

Green Space Network is a strategic network connecting various habitats and species, urban and rural green spaces to each other and the communities around them. It offers a wide range of social, health economic and environmental benefits.

Policy NE1 of Aberdeen Local Development Plan (ALDP) explains the purpose of the network and how it will be protected and enhanced through the planning process. The network has been identified to protect and enhance designated natural heritage sites; to improve connectivity between habitats and open spaces; and to promote opportunities for physical activity and access to the outdoors. It also takes into account climate change adaptation opportunities and flood risk or alleviation, the distribution of existing open spaces and their relationship with communities, development opportunities, health and deprivation information and transport issues.

Aberdeen's Green Space Network is made up from three types of component:

  • Cores - Large or key areas of existing green space
  • Links - Existing or desirable corridors of green space linking other green spaces together such as paths or core paths, waterbodies and wildlife corridors
  • Stepping Stones - Isolated green spaces which may be difficult or inappropriate to link to the rest of the network using a continuous green corridor, but which may still offer opportunities to deliver the benefits of Green Space Network

You can view the Green Space Network on the map below. You can zoom in and out of the map using the plus and minus signs at the top left, or use the search box at the top right to find an address or postcode and see green spaces nearby. 


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