Open spaces

'Open spaces' are the open, usually green areas within and on the edges of settlements.

They can include parks, gardens, playing fields, woodland, river corridors, play areas, amenity spaces, allotments and civic space.

Aberdeen City's Open Space Strategy sets out a new vision and aims to improve the quality of our open spaces in the city. There is growing evidence that quality and accessible open spaces contribute towards improving health, economy, environment and well being. It promotes sustainable development and helps in mitigating the impacts of climate change such as flooding and air pollution and provide green networks by linking various habitats benefiting bio diversity.

The Strategy is based on the results of the city wide open space audit conducted in 2010 and has been prepared involving communities, businesses, residents and partner organisations. The high level strategic aims and objectives provide opportunities for everyone to help contribute towards improving the quality of life in the city through its various actions.

The Strategy aims to provide attractive and appealing places throughout the city, particularly in those areas identified by the open space audit as low in quality. However within a context of serious financial constraint, it promotes innovative and radical ways of maintaining and managing these open spaces.

The Strategy shows a commitment to promoting and maintaining our high quality environment and making Aberdeen a better place for current and future generations to live, work, invest and study in.

The adopted Open Space Strategy 2011-2016 and Open Space Audit Report 2010 are available to download here:


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