Food growing strategy: granite city growing

Granite City Growing is Aberdeen's food growing strategy. It has been drafted with support from national charity Greenspace Scotland and local stakeholders.


The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 requires every local authority to prepare a food growing strategy for its area to identify land that could be used to grow food and describe how provision for community growing, in particular in areas which experience socio-economic disadvantage, can be increased.

Aberdeen’s strategy meets the requirements set out in the Scottish Government guidance and reflects local priorities and ambition. Granite city growing was approved by the City Growth and Resources Committee on the 6th February 2020. The strategy together with additional information and guidance is available in the related documents below.

The strategy supports the work of the Sustainable Food City Partnership Aberdeen and is part of an exciting movement encouraging a healthy relationship to local food which is accessible to all and which is good for both people and the planet.

View a map of places where food is grown and local food is sold in Aberdeen

Who is involved?

Stakeholders involved in developing the strategy include:

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