Project Craster

Project Craster is a project aimed at getting primary school children outdoors and growing vegetables. The campaign is based around saving the friendly bear Craster, who can no longer get honey (his favourite breakfast feast) from his friend Bella and her honey bees.

The bees can’t make honey without the nectar they harvest from the flowers on the fruit and vegetable plants. If aren't not enough fruit and vegetables, the bees can’t collect enough nectar and poor Craster doesn’t get his honey!

This is where the children and teachers of Aberdeen's Primary Schools can help. 

Aberdeen City Council will provide a Save Craster Pack to any city primary school that wants to grow their own.





The packs will include:

  • Grow Bags
  • Seeds
  • Bamboo Canes
  • String

The pack will also come with a short animation and tutorial videos on Craster’s story and how to grow vegetables.

Watch the Craster animations below to find out how to grown your own.





For more information or to order a Craster Kit for your school email:

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