Sales of Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquids 

In Scotland electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are referred to as nicotine vapour products or NVPs.

To sell nicotine vapour products you must register with Scottish government as a retailer. If you also sell tobacco products you can include that in your registration.

It is an offence for you or your staff to sell nicotine vapour products to a person under the age of 18 years. Download a copy of our Underage Sales Information booklet.


You can also download a guide to compliance with regulations produced by the Scottish Grocers Federation supported by the Scottish Government. 

If you sell nicotine vapour products you must keep at your premises a tangible copy of your age verification policy. This policy should specify the steps your business takes to avoid sales to underage customers. Download a sample age verification policy.


Download a Think 25 poster to advertise the policy.


You should also keep a record of all the occasions that you and your staff refuse a sale. Download a refusal form.

Refusal form27.55 KB



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