Low Emission Zone

Following approval from Scottish Ministers, Aberdeen City Council is introducing a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in Aberdeen City Centre from 30th May 2022.

A LEZ is an area where only certain vehicles are allowed to enter based on their emissions standards.

The LEZ is being introduced to address dangerous levels of air pollution in the city centre, mainly nitrogen dioxide (NO2), caused by road traffic.

Enforcement of the LEZ is due to start on 1 June 2024. Please refer to the FAQs and the downloadable LEZ Summary below for information on which vehicles will and will not be able to access the LEZ area. People can now enter their vehicle registration number on the official website for Scotland’s Low Emission Zones to confirm if their vehicle will comply.

Please note that blue badge holders are exempt from all Scottish LEZs. Blue Badge holders who require exemptions can now register their details with a new LEZ exemption system so that the vehicle they are travelling in can access all the Scottish low emission zones.

Map of the LEZ 

Map showing where the low emissions zone will be in Aberdeen city centre

An interactive map of the LEZ is available here

What are the benefits of the LEZ?

  • Improved Air Quality
  • Protection of public health and wellbeing
  • Support Scotland to reach its Climate Change targets by reducing our road transport’s contribution to emissions
  • Create a vibrant, accessible, and safe city centre
  • Prioritise active and sustainable transport movement
  • Promote the city as a desirable place to live, visit and invest in

The LEZ will be introduced in 2022 with a two year ’grace’ period.  This means between 2022 and May 2024, drivers will not be fined for entering the LEZ with a non-compliant vehicle.  The LEZ will then come into full effect in June 2024. 

Find out more about the areas included in the low emissions zone.

Notice to Make a LEZ Scheme

Our formal notice of the making of the LEZ scheme is provided below:

LEZ Notice129.91 KB

Our ‘Summary of the LEZ Scheme’ lists all of the streets within the LEZ and should provide answers to many of the questions you might have about the LEZ and what it means for you. This also includes information on:

  • The grace period, during which time the LEZ will not be enforced;
  • The scope of the LEZ including hours of operation and the vehicles which will be affected;
  • Emissions standards for entry to the LEZ;
  • Exemptions; and
  • Penalty Charges.
LEZ Summary415.48 KB

Below is the LEZ submission document which was considered by the Scottish Ministers:

A range of other documents, including the option appraisal report, traffic modelling report and air quality assessment, can be viewed on the Low Emission Zone Consultation page.

Funding support

The Scottish Government is offering funding support to businesses and individuals likely to be impacted by LEZ proposals. Further information is available on the Low Emission Zones Scotland webpage.


Blue badge holders and other types of specialist vehicles (such as emergency service vehicles and historic vehicles) are exempt from all Scottish LEZs. 

Aberdeen City Council can grant additional time-limited exemptions for certain specialist vehicles which are not suitable for replacement or retrofit. 

This is not intended to absolve individuals or organisations from complying with the LEZ for an indeterminate period of time, and will only be granted in specific circumstances where the air quality impacts will be minimal, and where the applicant can demonstrate that efforts are being made to comply with the LEZ in the quickest possible timescale.

Time-limited exemptions can be granted for up to a year. Should an applicant wish to renew their exemption for an additional year, the application process must be repeated. 

If you wish to apply for an exemption for a particular vehicle, please fill out the form below and return to transportstrategy@aberdeencity.gov.uk. 

Please note that it is not possible within the legislation for exemptions to be granted for residents' private cars. 

Frequently asked questions

Aberdeen City Council explored options for a LEZ in line with the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government, which introduced a commitment to introduce low emissions zones in Scotland’s four largest cities by 2022 to address air pollution and climate change.

There have been two rounds of public and stakeholder engagement, and a formal objection period which closed on the 28 November 2021.

The Stage 2 National Low Emission Framework Summary Report describes the LEZ option appraisal process in more detail, and explains how we have decided upon the preferred option.

Most drivers will be unaffected by the LEZ.

Those affected will be driving:

  • A pre-Euro VI diesel car (generally those registered before 2015); or
  • A pre-Euro IV petrol car (generally those registered before 2006)

You can check if your vehicle is compliant on the Low Emission Zones Scotland webpage.

The LEZ will be introduced in 2022 with a two year ’grace’ period.  This means between 2022 and May 2024, drivers will not be fined for entering the LEZ with a non-compliant vehicle.  The LEZ will then come into full effect in June 2024.

Households can apply for a £2000 cash grant to assist in the change from a non-compliant vehicle. There is also an additional offer of up to two £500 mobility grants or Travel Better vouchers for people to purchase a bike, e-bike or public transport voucher.  You can find out more about the grants available on Low Emission Zones Scotland.

Micro-businesses can apply for a £2500 cash grant per car or van to remove a non-compliant vehicle, to replace it with a compliant vehicle or to invest in an alternative mode of transport such as an e-cargo bike.  You can find out more about the grants available on Low Emission Zones Scotland.

The initial penalty charge for all non-compliant vehicles is set at £60, reduced by 50% if it is paid within 14 days.

As well as grants administered by Transport Scotland to help with the cost of purchasing a compliant vehicle or switching to public transport or buying a bike, residents could consider becoming a member of Aberdeen’s car club which has a range of vehicles, such as electric and hydrogen vehicles and an electric van which businesses can make use of.  There is also an electric bike hire scheme operating in Aberdeen too.  More details can be found at the Council's Car Club Webpage or on the Big Issue E-Bikes webpage.

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