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Aberdeen City Local Transport Strategy

Local transport strategies communicate a local authority's strategy and proposals for transport to its citizens, under the umbrella of the Community Plan.

The Aberdeen City Local Transport Strategy (LTS) 2016-2021 has been developed to set out the policies and interventions adopted by Aberdeen City Council to guide the planning and improvement of the local transport network over the next five years.

The LTS does not start from a blank sheet of paper; it must take into account national and regional transport, planning and economic development policies, as well as being fully integrated with the Council's wider objectives and outcomes.

The previous LTS was adopted in 2008 and focussed on delivery of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) and the opportunities that this new road capacity would afford to reorganise and improve the use of the City's overall road network. Although the 2008 LTS has come to the end of its intended lifespan, as Aberdeen remains in a pre-AWPR state, much of the content is still relevant and will continue to be so going into the period 2016 to 2021. It has therefore been determined that a fundamental change in the overall policy approach is not required; instead a 'refresh', reflective of changes to national, regional and local policy and circumstances since 2008, is appropriate.

Given that the AWPR will be completed by late 2017, this LTS refresh focuses its attention on the delivery of the range of actions required to achieve a series of newly formed outcomes for the City and ensure that complementary measures, which 'lock in' the benefits of the AWPR and other major infrastructure improvements, are maximised for everyone. By 2021, Aberdeen's transport system should have: Increased modal share for public transport and active travel, reduced the need to travel and reduced dependence on the private car, improved journey time reliability for all modes, improved road safety within the city, improved air quality and the environment, and improved accessibility to transport for all.

Based on the interventions contained in the Strategy, a Costed Action and Delivery Plan has been developed. This provides the framework for delivery; recognising that progress on individual elements of the Strategy are dependant on funding and thee outcomes of a number of processes and statutory requirements, including partnership working, consultation and technical assessments and appraisals:

Aberdeen Active Travel Action Plan

The Aberdeen Active Travel Action Plan was adopted by Aberdeen City Council in January 2017 and identifies the actions and interventions that the Council will pursue to make walking and cycling safer and more attractive choices, and to increase the number of active journeys in our city in order to make Aberdeen a healthier, more attractive and economically vibrant place in which to live and work and to visit.

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